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To be a Christian School committed to nurturing and developing a holistic human, academic and leadership excellence.


To achieve a learning environment that strives towards holistic human excellence. To nurture a generation of independent leaders who will greatly impact our society and walk in their God-given purpose.


Our curricula is aligned to CAPS enhanced curriculum. 

Why Choose Our Institution?

Our Learning Environment

Our learning environment is centred on the full development of intellectual, emotional, spiritual and physical development of our learners.

Exemplary Teachers

Our student-centred approach is exemplified by our outstanding teachers, remaining goal-oriented and supportive beyond expectations.

Book Library & Store

We offer a wide and specialised variaty of books for our student to broaden their intellectual horizons.

Our Values

We give children the opportunity to learn in a Christian and values based environment and we instil a firm Christian foundation in the lives of learners because we believe that the stronger the foundation, the more likely it is that their best potential will be reached.

We are Dream Driven

We focus on increasing the degree of specialisation with regard to children's aptitudes, skills, talents and learning differences.

We Belive Every Child is Special

We believe that each child is unique and has to be given attention that will bring out the best of their talents and gifts. We love to help children achieve their best and help them channel their energy to constructive personal development.